New study shows who is more at risk for AI job displacement

A new study by Pew Research shows that women, Asian Americans, college-educated and highly paid workers are most exposed to displacement by artificial intelligence.  

The study revealed that in 2022, 19% of American workers were in jobs that are the most exposed to AI, in which the most important activities may be either replaced or assisted by artificial intelligence. They tend to be in higher-paying fields that use analytical skills.

More women than men are exposed to displacement by AI, at 21% versus 19%, due to the nature of the jobs held by different genders. Workers with a bachelor’s degree or more at 27% are more than twice as likely as those with a high school diploma only at 12% to see the most exposure.

When it comes to racial breakdown, Asian and White workers are more exposed, at 24% and 20%, than Black and Hispanic workers, at 15% and 13%. 

The research showed that workers in the most exposed jobs earned $33 per hour, on average, compared with $20 an hour in jobs with the least amount of exposure. 

High-exposure jobs include technical writers, budget analysts and data key operators. Medium-exposure jobs include veterinarians and chief executive officers. Low-exposure jobs are child care workers, firefighters and barbers. You can’t outsource a haircut.