Sennheiser IE 200 Review: New Low-Cost Audiophile Earphones

When the IE 300 was announced in 2021 during the CES, it revitalised the Sennheiser “IE” series of wired earphones with a new housing, improved 7mm transducer and acoustic chamber, and a MMCX+ connection that is not compatible with the usual MMCX cables. The audio quality was brilliant, the price point was attractive. Of course, we know Sennheiser would not stop at this model, so the IE 900 was announced as the new IE flagship several months later. Its aluminium housing is precision-milled with a single block, its triple-chamber system and enhanced 7mm transducer delivers audio precision. Almost a year later, the IE 600 was released in Singapore with lesser fanfare, treading on risky approach of being the “middle-child” of the new IE series. Priced at half of the IE 900, the IE 600 is an attractive proposition given the slightly more balanced tuning where the treble is less distracting and the sound staging is less spatial compared to the IE 900.

(from left) Sennheiser IE 200 and IE 300

You probably could guess the verdict of this review since the IE 200 is now the lowest-priced among the Sennheiser IE-series. What if I tell you that you guessed wrong? The IE 200 is actually a more balanced sounding earphones compared to the IE 300, which offers prominent bass with sizzling hot treble, the IE 900 refined the treble transparency to the next level while keeping the bass controlled and less bloated. The IE 600 attempts to re-align the sound towards a more balanced, neutral sound and keeping the sound staging a little tighter, so it loses that airiness of the IE 900 but still presents excellent details.

Sennheiser IE 200

Sennheiser IE 200

The Sennheiser IE 200 is the new wired earphones with affordable entry-level price so everyone can enjoy audiophile quality sound.

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The Goods
  • Balanced bass and treble tuning
  • Good entry price
  • Braided cable
The Bads
  • Cable uses MMCX+ connection which is less common